This website aims at

  • beginners: provided they arrange slightly more time and follow plenty of links;
  • people with interest in domain investigation and a sound basic knowledge of the Internet. These people are the original target group.
  • people with an advanced knowledge of the Internet. A Slippery Road traffic sign indicates where it might become boring for you.


1.0.0 dated 15/09/2016

Home page

On the next few pages, you will find brief explanations of the following subjects. I will also try to relate them to each other.

  1. Phaenomenon (using phishing as an example)
  2. Uniform Resource Identifier
  3. Network Information Center
  4. Domain Name Registrar
  5. Domain Name System
  6. Internet Protocol Address
  7. Regional Internet Registry
  8. Internet Service Provider
  9. Product(s)
  10. Specific aspects of selected products
  11. The test (or the revision)
  12. Potential answers

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